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Training — Training Grounds

A dog can only become as good as the ground he has to learn on. Many things can be taught in the off-season to prepare your dog for the fall and winter hunting season. Whether you are getting ready for their first season, or advancing the skills of a second year dog or fine tuning an experienced dog… good training plans are important.

Training grounds offer the best environment for:

  • Starting puppies
  • Instilling basic foundation training
  • Practicing fundamental skills
  • Off-season simulated hunting experience
  • Trouble-shooting problem areas

Wild Bird Grounds

If you hunt wild birds, making the transition from training birds to the real thing is critical. For dogs in need of this work we offer the following:

Note: Trip rates are dependent upon length of stay and travel costs. Please call for current rates and exact dates.

Training Grounds

Training Grounds - Locations


  • Grouse and Woodcock


  • Snowmelt to April 15
  • Late July to Late August
  • October 1 to November 15


  • Early season prairie huns, sharp-tail grouse, and mountain grouse
  • Access to 200,000 private acres of some of the finest hun and sharp-tail habitat anywhere
  • National forests home to ruffed blue and spruce grouse


  • Late August through late September


  • The ultimate test for a pheasant dog - late season birds educated by man, hawks, owls, coyotes and bobcats to produce some of the wariest, fastest, smartest survivors to be hunted anywhere.
  • Wild bobwhite quail are a national treasure. Unfortunately, across much of the US their numbers are a fraction of years past. We are fortunate to have access to thousands of acres of high quality quail habitat on private land in northern central Kansas. Many consider them to be the best upland bird to work young pointing dogs. Quail typically hold well for pointing dogs and working singles after a convey find is a priceless hunting experience for a young bird dog.


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