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Training With Results

Training With Results

A bird dog of the finest kind does not come about by accident. With the right tools, training grounds, experience, and commitment, you'll get the most out of your dog.

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Cutting Edge Facilities

Cutting Edge Facilities

Our facilities and equipment make us Michigan's premier training center for your bird dog.

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State Of The Art


A Complete Training Center

Our grounds include 90-plus acres of varied terrain... wooded, fields, and water frontage. The boarding and kenneling facilities are sanitary, secure, and truly state-of-the-art. We can board and care for dogs of all breeds and sizes, from working dogs to house dogs in year-round comfort. Learn more...

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Guided Hunts

All-Breed Gun-Dog Training

Black Creek Dog Training Center has the grounds, the facilities, the birds, and 25 years of training and hunting gun dog experience. Our proven low-stress training methods will bring out the best in your gun dog. Learn more...